Shine Bright

I love seeing the best in people, and I love being a part of people getting their #shineon It’s literally my favorite.

Unfortunately, this zest and passion for helping others can have a serious downside if not understood and managed. I woke up one day, and I realized I had given everything I had away. I was left with nothing for myself…I was a shell of my once vibrant self.

A few things I’ve learned:

1. I have to put time and effort into caring for myself first

2. I can’t love others FOR them. It will never fulfill them, if they don’t love themselves. I’ve tested this one thoroughly…

3. It is up to us as individuals to carry our own load and love ourselves.

4. Once we can love ourselves, then we can feel love from others. READ THAT AGAIN. We cannot truly trust and feel love from others until we trust and love ourselves.

5. We cannot live into our whole selves and go after our dream life if we don’t first build a solid relationship with ourselves.

I want this for you. Do you? Join me in ringing in 2021 with a 6 week online course all about self love. I will teach you how to develop an honest and loving relationship with yourself so you can #shinebright and live the life you so desperately want but have convinced yourself is only for other people.

It’s for you. And you. And all of us. #selflovefirst

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