The Weight We Carry

The pictures on the left were taken two years ago.

Two years ago, my make-up artist asked me if I was drinking water. I think her exact words were: “Are you drinking water? Your skin is dry AF.”

I was freshly divorced. I wasn’t drinking water. I wasn’t washing my face. I was barely getting through the day.

That was the day I decided to work towards my bare minimum of self care: drinking some water and washing my face twice a day. I found it so difficult to show up for myself and get it done…but I kept trying. I failed the whole way to my success (where some days I still don’t wash my face).

In these two years, I’ve:
-certified at The Life Coach School
-dropped 50 pounds of physical weight
-lost a bajillion pounds of mental weight

What I see today:
-a sparkle in my eyes
-a big beautiful smile
-well cared for skin and hair
-a body that does everything I need it to do
-a mind that is a welcoming and loving place to live
-a career I adore
-confidence that I will be okay without my marriage

My past self would be dismayed that it would take 2 years to get here. Today’s self? So freaking grateful I didn’t give up, and I’m here!!!!

Two years is going to pass either way. I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of self love, patience, and perseverance.

I want this for you. Do you? Join me in ringing in 2021 with a 6 week self love course, and I will teach you how to develop an honest and loving relationship with yourself so you can let go of some of the weight you’re carrying around so your sparkle can shine through again. Email me at: for more info

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