You Get to Just Start

Sarah Larkin Life Coach

I’m a big proponent for finding organic time throughout the day to get stuff done.  This is one of those moments where my son wants to have space and time alone to watch whatever he wants on the TV without having to negotiate with other members of the household.  

So, I’m wandering around not knowing what to do with this newfound freedom, and I thought it would be an excellent time to write a blog, and let you know that I’ve put out my very first vlog!

Here it is!

Here is where I will share the backstory on all the behind the scenes, because it ended up being months of preparation, and it’s not what I imagined it to be.

I imagined it would be an audio recording with a podcast cover.  I’d put it on my website and get it all hooked up to itunes and spotify.  Well, friends, this imperfect human struggles in the IT department.  I am definitely the dreamer, the visionary, and the overall picture person and technology is definitely not my strong suit.

“I kept having to bring myself back to the entire point of the episode.”

I was determined to create a doable recording method that I could execute myself every week. I hit a lot of obstacles, and my brain wanted to throw tantrums constantly.  I kept having to bring myself back to the point of the entire episode.  How can I just start to get what I have to say out into the world?

I landed on putting videos on youtube, because that is the very best I can do with where I am starting today.  And you know what?  Tomorrow, I get to start with what I have accomplished today.  What an amazing place to start?! I am so grateful to my past self for all the work she’s done.  No need to worry about imperfections.  It’s all about just having the courage to start.

What are you wanting to “Just Start”? Maybe I can help.

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