You Get To Have A Voice

Ok! Podcast #2 is out. I recorded it last week without hiding behind the mic, and when I watched it back, I couldn’t stop staring at my bottom teeth. My predilection for drinking tea all day in the winter in combination with not going to the dentist during the pandemic had left me with very stained teeth.

I was really pleased with how I chose to handle it, because there was no shame or self-loathing. It was like, here is reality, now what? So, I chose to spend a week being intentional. I didn’t drink black tea and I used my white strips, and I tried again this week.

After watching the playback, I was much happier with my appearance this week. Also, my message ended up drastically changing, because our Nation’s Capitol was stormed. Having and using my voice has become non-optional. Complacency is no longer an acceptable state for me to live in.

All in all, it turned out exactly as it was meant to. Even my cat Snugglewuggles makes an appearance. I could have decided to start over, but…that was real, and reality is important.

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