Reality=Life is Hard Sometimes

I don’t think we do a good enough job teaching our children that life includes hard times. We don’t talk about the inevitabilities of life and death, and we certainly don’t teach the tools necessary to go through these inevitabilities.

So, if there are some inevitable hardships in life…

-loss of love

-loss of income


-lacking purpose



-substance abuse


-mental health challenges

-having difficult conversations

-finding your place in the world



-health challenges

There are so many more. If there are some common human experiences that many of us experience in our lifetime, why aren’t we better equipped to handle them when they happen?

I wish I had an amazing answer, but I don’t want to spend my time focusing on the answer to that. What I want to focus on is creating a plan and teaching it to as many people who are eager to learn how to go through life with a sense of knowing they can handle whatever comes their way.

I think all too often, the focus is on changing the external world in the hopes that we will no longer suffer, but that effort is futile and leads to more suffering.

We each have to have a firm foundation of believing that no matter what, we are badasses. Whatever comes our way, we will find the help we need, we will love our selves with intensity and compassion, we will not make the situation worse with our stinking thinking.

We keep trying to change reality, and I want to offer that instead we get good at accepting reality, and asking ourselves, “Now what do we do?”

Thank you for being here with me doing this very important work.


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