Limiting Beliefs

challenge your beliefs

Did you know that a belief is just a sentence in your mind that you have thought over and over? So, basically, beliefs are just habit thoughts. I find that fascinating and empowering, because it means I get to change my beliefs when they no longer serve me.

One of the beliefs I held for much of my adult life was that my body was just meant to be a bit chubby. After losing 100 pounds in my 20’s, I hovered between 165-180 pounds, and I felt good with that. Size 10’s were my thin pants.

After my divorce, I felt pretty lost for awhile. I took every day one day at a time. My favorite mantra being:

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming


My weight kept going up and up, and I was so surprised, because I thought I had my weight under control forever, but when you face trauma… your healthy habits and good intentions can get derailed. I hit 215 lbs, and drew the line. For the past 2 years, I have been shedding the weight I accumulated. September of 2020, I hit my goal of 175. Back to “normal”. HOORAY! Except…it didn’t feel normal anymore.

I looked down at all the fat tissue still on my body and thought, “What if…?”

What if my beliefs about my body weren’t true? So, I set out to see if there was a new level of health that had been previously unexplored by me. I set out to collect more data so I could make an informed choice about my body.

Do you have a weight number that you think, “if I can just weigh _, that would be amazing?! For me, that was 150, and it seemed like an impossible goal. I thought if I ever got there, it would be the holy grail, but when I did get there, I realized I wasn’t done.

I’m now at 142, and I don’t know where I will end up, and ultimately I don’t really care about the number. What is most exciting about this journey is the questioning of my limiting beliefs. Getting good at being curious and being open to new ways is a life skill that I am taking and running with.

So much of our struggle comes from within our own minds. So, as best I can figure, it is crucial to learn the skills of curiosity and challenging ourselves to be open to new and different ways of thinking.

What beliefs do you hold about yourself that you might like to question?

I’d love to hear about them.

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