Tapping Into Your Knowing

For over a decade, I worked full-time as a floral designer. I went through the whole process of learning a new skill. In the beginning, there is the opportunity. I was a delivery driver for a florist while in college at UC Davis, after graduation they asked me to stay on as a full time salesperson. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my Human Development degree, I said yes.

Being full-time, I had ample opportunity to consume knowledge and observe, and on one busy day, I was asked to hop in and try and help. My arrangement passed, and I was asked to make a few more for the front cooler. I felt so proud. I remember my manager telling me that I had, “the eye.” Something sparked in me. I never had anyone point out something I was good at and offer mentorship. I was thrilled to find something I was good at and eagerly accepted.

In the beginning of learning a new skill, there is doubt, awkward movement as your body adjusts to new motions, there is simply an “unknowing”. Practicing day in and day out awarded me with competency and with time, I began to relax and trust myself more.

When I opened www.sarahlarkindesign.com I decided to go all in on myself and trust that I had the skills, knowledge and talent to be successful. This was the first time I gave myself the gift of trust. The business that has sprung from that trust is truly the business of my dreams.

Flowers have taught me how to tap into my knowing

Sarah Larkin

When I decided to pursue an additional career as a Life Coach, I decided I was going to, again, go all in on myself and not waste time with doubt and fear. I had a two-fold approach to have my own back.

#1 When fear and doubt crept in, I let it in, chose to recognize it and then chose to let it go and breathe it out.

#2 I looked to flowers to help me on my coaching journey.

I wondered, what did I learn from flowers that could help me in my coaching business? Here are a few things I came up with:

  • I learned how to turn off my critical and judgmental brain so my creativity could flow unencumbered
  • I learned how to think quickly on my feet and take action
  • I learned that every flower is different and they require different growing environments
  • I learned I love tending to and helping life flourish
  • I learned how to build community
  • I’ve learned time management and emotional regulation
  • I’ve learned how to create a business that supports me in my desire for a full life of family, friends, community service, entrepreneurship, travel, spirituality, gardening and genuine and authentic connection.

At one point in my life, as my friends were going off to their corporate jobs, I felt ashamed of my job as a floral designer. But from where I am standing now, I see nothing but an incredible opportunity for me to learn how to trust myself and build a life of abundance.

Floral design and trusting myself has given me the tools and blueprints I need to be successful in whatever I want to go after in life. I was able to apply everything I learned from my time in floral design to coaching and shave off years from the process of learning a new skill.

Is there something in your life like floral design? Something you feel you are really good at? How can you apply what you learned from that skill to learning a new skill? Once you learn the skill of learning and grow that trust with yourself, WATCH OUT! That’s where the momentum really start kicking in.

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