Consistency is the Key to Greatness


I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word “consistency”, I don’t get particularly excited. I don’t feel a great sense of motivation. It’s not a super sexy word. HOWEVER, in practicing consistency, I can 100% say that consistency is a foundational skill that will lead to achieving competency and eventual mastery. If you want to change, if you want to learn a new skill, you have to practice being consistent.

I started this journey of self discovery not knowing what I was doing or where I was going, but I committed to figuring it out. My entire mind, body, spirit and financial health needed to be overhauled. It seemed like a monumental task. It began by learning how to do the things I knew would better my life….ESPECIALLY when I didn’t want to. I picked one thing to start getting consistent on and it was washing my face twice a day. It’s hard for me to admit that I was in a place where I had to start with something so basic. I had to release the judgmental thoughts as they surfaced and keep showing up to my bathroom sink and mirror everyday. It’s several years into this commitment and my success rate continues to increase and yet is still not perfect.

I think one of the gifts I gave myself that helped me tremendously was setting a goal and being willing to fail over and over again on the way to success (I get to define what success means for me and perfection is NOT it.)

Everyday was a new opportunity:

  • For me to discover the sequence of events that led me to quit.
  • To practice showing up for myself.
  • To feel failure and not quit.
  • To speak kindly to myself
  • To spend a few minutes a day looking at myself in the mirror.
  • For me to make adjustments in my routine to boost my success rate.
  • To believe something was important without receiving instant results

I got all this from learning how to consistently care for my skin…

Then I got even braver and started dipping my toe into other areas of my life where I felt I lacked consistency, and I started gaining momentum. When you practice the skill of consistency, momentum is an automatic result and momentum…well, momentum is what helps you feel like you are finally unstuck and on your way to making your dreams your reality

The formula is simple, but not always easy.


Needing some help in developing consistency in your life? I’d be honored. Take a step and reach out.

Lots of Love,

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One thought on “Consistency is the Key to Greatness

  1. Yay! It’s so true.
    It also simplifies things… no decision making (which can be taxing) – just frickin’ DO it every day!

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