Showing Up

Never give up

This is me showing up today. I’ve made a commitment to myself to show up and blog every Saturday. I realized have trouble with consistency. I have grit and motivation and BIG dreams and a deep desire to help people, but my consistency muscle could use some strengthening. So, I have calendared my podcast day and my blog day, and I am practicing showing up…rain or shine, excited or not, prepared or unprepared, convenient or not. I’m holding firm with myself lol in a loving way.

This week was the first week of school after 395 days. That number is pretty astounding, and we made it through. I am so glad that it was day 395 and not day 1. One of my kids decided he wanted to go to in person TK and my 3rd grader decided he wanted to finish out the school year at home. I was thrilled that they felt like they could make different decisions, and both kids seemed very happy with their choices.

I had floral arrangements to make and deliver as well as client support and check-ins for my coaching clients…it was a full plate. I was proud of my flexibility. My anxiety was relatively low, and I was grateful to myself for creating businesses that give me time freedom and flexibility.

Today, April 17th I went into the pool with the boys…2 months earlier than usual in the season. IT WAS COLD, but they were so thrilled to have a mom that would brave the cold and jump in. I want to be the person that gleefully jumps in knowing it will be cold, because that’s the mom I want them to have. I don’t want to be the mom that whines that it’s cold and sits on the sidelines. I’ve been her and everyone ends up disappointed…especially me.

I’m going to keep showing up over and over and watch as the momentum takes hold of me.

Enjoy the video!

Jumping in gleefully!


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