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About Sarah

I am a very imperfect human, who doesn’t ALWAYS wash her face at night, who sometimes falls face first into a pan of brownies, who has a smart mouth, and a stubborn streak. I have scars, because I have a colorful history.  But I am a human who gets back up.  Resilient is what my therapist calls me.  Really?  I am a lover, a giver, and a BIG dreamer.

I am divorced, and called “Mommy” by 2 little humans that look to me for answers and reassurance that everything will be ok.  When I got divorced, my whole world turned upside down. There was a huge void where my life used to be, I decided I had better figure out how to fill it up before it ate me up.

I began to rebuild myself, and the first thing I started with was a new foundation of love, patience, and grace.  I had beaten myself to near oblivion…I didn’t have enough energy to keep up the beat downs.  I was so tired that I finally turned to myself for comfort.  I had no idea the gift I was giving myself.

The biggest mistake I’ve made is forgetting I need my love and attention too.


About Coaching with Sarah Larkin

I have a degree in Human Development from UC Davis and I am a certified Life Coach through The Life Coach school.  I’ve taken these two educations as well as my real world experiences and developed a coaching practice that starts where my clients are.  See podcast episode 1 “You get to start where you are”

We must each build from a foundation of self-love and self-respect in order to ever achieve love and respect in our homes, communities and world wide.

Sarah Larkin

My clients  come to me because they desire more from their lives.  They want less drama, less of the hard and the suck that can consume our days.  They come to me feeling dissatisfied with their lives, and usually feel guilty for not feeling grateful for what they have.  My coaching practice picks up where therapy leaves off.  I take clients from surviving and going through the motions of life to thriving and being excited and enchanted with life again. 

Sarah Larkin Coaching focuses on the things you get to do, choose, feel, control.  We are in an unprecedented time in history.  Our lives are literally shaken up, turned upside down, and there is no certainty in our future.  We have to learn resiliency and give ourselves permission to start where we are no matter where we’ve been.  We get to start here, question everything and build a future built from a foundation of self love. We get to start over as many times as we need. 

After my divorce, I was devastated and void of any hope for my future.  It’s like my future was completely erased. I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with nothing to look forward to, so I created a new life taking small steps everyday.  I used techniques that made sense to me, and helped me gain momentum and hope again.

The changes were so incredible, I decided to change careers and become a Life Coach.  I’ve found my voice, learned how to use it, and now it’s my mission to keep talking.  I want every person who carries around the weight of the world to have a safe and loving place to set down their load and rest and heal.  I will show you how to live a life you enjoy and how to build an amazing future for yourself.  

You deserve peace.  You deserve freedom from the daily mental torture. You deserve happiness.  You deserve to ENJOY your amazing life.

You in?

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