The Time Enigma and What to Do About it

Do you feel like there just isn’t enough time to show up fully to work, your spouse, your kids, your home, your friends, your church, your community, your country?

Oh wait, I forgot about you. I’m sure you have needs and desires for yourself that have nothing to do with any of those other commitments. What about personal development time? Self reflection, exercise, a healthy mind and body…It seems like we keep piling on expectations for ourselves without a plan on how to get it all done. And when we do, we are EXHAUSTED.

Here’s the big problem, when we exhaust ourselves in an effort to get it all done, we tend to sleep less, put food/alcohol/drugs/technology in our bodies that isn’t beneficial for long term health and wellness, and in general our ability to make good decisions tanks.

We then become trapped in this exhausted loop. Time is the enemy, and our self satisfaction levels drop. Our bodies require more food/alcohol/drugs/technology to get that hit to keep us going. Our anxiety sky rockets. I’ve been here, and you know how I felt? TERRIBLE. I felt like I was in a rat race, and I was running and running…and I didn’t even know how it had started or where I was going.

So, you know what I did? I pushed pause. My brain wanted to tell me there was no time to pause. It was convinced pausing would mean I would lose the race.

“But, I realized I didn’t WANT to compete in the rat race!”

What to do if not race? I turned to myself with curiosity and love. I started writing about what was important to me, and why. It turns out all of the same things were on my list: healthy mind, body, relationships and showing up in all important facets of my life…but I wanted to approach them in a way that felt inspiring instead of punitive. EnjoyableHow could I create a life that I truly loved to live? How could I give MORE of myself and to myself when I already couldn’t keep up?

First, I took a look at my relationship with time. Were there areas where I chose to engage in activities that hindered my health instead of supported? Could I give myself grace when activities took longer than expected? What if I viewed time as working in my favor instead of working against me?

“Could I give myself grace?”

Second, I developed a loving, kind and generous relationship with myself. I realized that I didn’t like living in my own body and mind…I mean, I’ve always known this, but I never realized that it was a choice, and I had no idea the damage I was causing myself by continually criticizing myself and allowing myself to treat myself with disrespect.

Once I re-evaluated time, decided there is enough time, and I consistently treated myself with kindness and respect…my energy flourished. I WANTED to show up, and I was excited to be able to. I think the motivation and intention behind our actions is crucial to sustained energy for life. We have to implement healthy habits in order to achieve our desired results and keep them.

I may still be running a race, but it’s all on my own time table. I get to take breaks. I get to decide which direction I want to go. I get to run with enthusiasm, excitement and the knowledge that I always have my own back. And, I know the “pause” button is always there…because we need to stop fighting ourselves and start fighting for ourselves.

With much love to you,

Sarah Larkin

You Get To Have A Voice

Ok! Podcast #2 is out. I recorded it last week without hiding behind the mic, and when I watched it back, I couldn’t stop staring at my bottom teeth. My predilection for drinking tea all day in the winter in combination with not going to the dentist during the pandemic had left me with very stained teeth.

I was really pleased with how I chose to handle it, because there was no shame or self-loathing. It was like, here is reality, now what? So, I chose to spend a week being intentional. I didn’t drink black tea and I used my white strips, and I tried again this week.

After watching the playback, I was much happier with my appearance this week. Also, my message ended up drastically changing, because our Nation’s Capitol was stormed. Having and using my voice has become non-optional. Complacency is no longer an acceptable state for me to live in.

All in all, it turned out exactly as it was meant to. Even my cat Snugglewuggles makes an appearance. I could have decided to start over, but…that was real, and reality is important.

I would love your support in getting my channel going. Please leave, a like, a comment, or subscribe. Thank You!

Loving Myself Through Anxiety

I have anxiety. Especially the last few years after my divorce and with the pandemic, it seems to be a constant companion. There is an undercurrent of worry.

Am I going to be ok?

Am I going to be able to support myself?

Is my child going to be ok?

Will I get sick? Will my family?

Am I doing enough?

Can I handle homeschooling and 2 careers?

This list is just a small sampling of the things I worry about. 🙁

From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep, I find myself with this constant companion. I have tools that I use that help keep it manageable like cluing in when I find my mind, my chest and my body tight. I stop what I’m doing throughout the day, take a deep breath and try and release it. It’s almost like magic how well it works.

I’ve also made it a goal to incorporate dancing into my day, and believe me, when I am stressed? I don’t think I have time to dance. I don’t want to dance, but I DO want to change my energy…and so, I dance. And you know what? It helps.

A few months ago, I purchased the Calm app and I find it helps me to drown out the loud children, the barking dogs, the shrieking YouTubers and my anxious thoughts. Listening to the music brings all of the noise down to a manageable level so I can function and even enjoy some of the day.

“My goal is to accept my life as it is.”

The hardest part of anxiety for me is my struggle against it. I don’t want it to be a constant companion. Sometimes, I feel like I SHOULDN’T feel this way. I hate that I feel this way. I fall into the trap of thinking my mind should be filled with rainbows and unicorns because I’m a life coach. But, while rainbows and unicorns are very much enjoyed and appreciated, that’s just not the goal.

The goal is to experience a full life. The pain, the ick, the hard AND the magical moments. My goal is to accept my life as it is. Right now. What do I need to be ok in the little moments, because those are ultimately what create the big picture that is my life.

How I treat myself in this moment, right now, matters. Learning to accept and work with reality is exactly what my practice is all about. Do you have anxiety? I’d love to hear your story and share tools with you so that you can live your very best life. Anxiety may be my companion right now, but she hangs out in the backseat. She is no longer allowed to be in the driver’s seat.

If you struggle with anxiety, I hope you know you are not alone.

With Love,

Writing Her-story

It’s Saturday morning 2 days into the New Year. The children are happily occupied, and I had one of those moments where I found myself wandering around, compulsively checking my phone and Facebook, and generally not knowing to do with my time, my mind or my body and feeling, as usual, anxious about it.

I clued in that this is the perfect moment to center myself and do some writing. Writing has never been a habit of mine, and I’ve inflicted a lot of pain and let it cause drama in my mind, in my performance, in my relationships and in my results. In high school, I was in AP English and ended up in a remedial class in college, because I choked so hard on the written portion of the entrance exam for the University of California, Davis. I stacked the odds against myself before I even started by believing I was a terrible writer.

“I’m starting from a place of honor, grace and respect.”

My relationship with my writing has long been a tumultuous one, and as of late, I am determined to create new stories. I am inspired to look deeply at my past and all of the stories and beliefs I’ve carried forward that still cause me pain.

I take each story and ask myself:

-Do I like this story?

-Do I want to keep believing this story?

-Am I open to a new story?

I am open to and wanting a new relationship with writing. My old relationship was nothing but pain and drama and crappy results. So, slowly over the past year, I have started writing just for me. I don’t have a strict routine, and I don’t place any pressure on myself. I’m starting a relationship from a place of honor, grace and respect.

My writing is a part of my voice…of who I am. Shame and doubt are no longer welcome in this warm, fuzzy cocoon I’ve created for myself.

You Get to Just Start

I’m a big proponent for finding organic time throughout the day to get stuff done.  This is one of those moments where my son wants to have space and time alone to watch whatever he wants on the TV without having to negotiate with other members of the household.  

So, I’m wandering around not knowing what to do with this newfound freedom, and I thought it would be an excellent time to write a blog, and let you know that I’ve put out my very first vlog!

Here it is!

Here is where I will share the backstory on all the behind the scenes, because it ended up being months of preparation, and it’s not what I imagined it to be.

I imagined it would be an audio recording with a podcast cover.  I’d put it on my website and get it all hooked up to itunes and spotify.  Well, friends, this imperfect human struggles in the IT department.  I am definitely the dreamer, the visionary, and the overall picture person and technology is definitely not my strong suit.

“I kept having to bring myself back to the entire point of the episode.”

I was determined to create a doable recording method that I could execute myself every week. I hit a lot of obstacles, and my brain wanted to throw tantrums constantly.  I kept having to bring myself back to the point of the entire episode.  How can I just start to get what I have to say out into the world?

I landed on putting videos on youtube, because that is the very best I can do with where I am starting today.  And you know what?  Tomorrow, I get to start with what I have accomplished today.  What an amazing place to start?! I am so grateful to my past self for all the work she’s done.  No need to worry about imperfections.  It’s all about just having the courage to start.

What are you wanting to “Just Start”? Maybe I can help.

One-on-One Coaching

Sarah Larkin is a Certified Life Coach and can serve a wide range of needs. Some clients may want to improve their relationships, others may feel stuck at work, and some clients come just feeling like they hate their lives, and they don’t know what to do about it. Sarah helps clients explore their minds and come up with doable solutions to start feeling better and more fulfilled. When we feel more fulfilled in our lives, we show up for ourselves, our family, and our communities with an abundance to share. There’s nothing better than that!

Sessions are $100 for 45 minutes via zoom. Most clients average 6-12 sessions when coming to address a specific problem. Want to set up a free consultation? Email me

Weight Loss Coach

I help my clients lose weight for good.  I help them to understand what habits and thought patterns cause their current results.  From there, my client and I dream together. Once we know where we want to go, we can make a doable plan to get there. 

I have several programs I offer to my clients based on their unique needs and where they are at in their health journey. 

email me at to schedule a 20-30 minute phone consultation.  

“Fall in love with yourself in 2021”

Why is loving yourself one of the best gifts to give yourself?

When we have a love for ourselves that is deeply rooted in compassion, kindness, forgiveness and understanding, we experience the world through that lens of love.

This translates into less feelings of:
-sucking at life
-not knowing how to adult
-self loathing

When we learn how to truly love ourselves, these emotions don’t take up as much real estate in our minds.

With a strong foundation of love and more space in our minds, we can show up to our marriages, communities, kids, work situations and ourselves with more to give…and the part I like the most?

Life just feels EASIER.

Join me February 2021

Give yourself the gift of YOU in 2021

The Weight We Carry

The pictures on the left were taken two years ago.

Two years ago, my make-up artist asked me if I was drinking water. I think her exact words were: “Are you drinking water? Your skin is dry AF.”

I was freshly divorced. I wasn’t drinking water. I wasn’t washing my face. I was barely getting through the day.

That was the day I decided to work towards my bare minimum of self care: drinking some water and washing my face twice a day. I found it so difficult to show up for myself and get it done…but I kept trying. I failed the whole way to my success (where some days I still don’t wash my face).

In these two years, I’ve:
-certified at The Life Coach School
-dropped 50 pounds of physical weight
-lost a bajillion pounds of mental weight

What I see today:
-a sparkle in my eyes
-a big beautiful smile
-well cared for skin and hair
-a body that does everything I need it to do
-a mind that is a welcoming and loving place to live
-a career I adore
-confidence that I will be okay without my marriage

My past self would be dismayed that it would take 2 years to get here. Today’s self? So freaking grateful I didn’t give up, and I’m here!!!!

Two years is going to pass either way. I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of self love, patience, and perseverance.

I want this for you. Do you? Join me in ringing in 2021 with a 6 week self love course, and I will teach you how to develop an honest and loving relationship with yourself so you can let go of some of the weight you’re carrying around so your sparkle can shine through again. Email me at: for more info

Shine Bright

I love seeing the best in people, and I love being a part of people getting their #shineon It’s literally my favorite.

Unfortunately, this zest and passion for helping others can have a serious downside if not understood and managed. I woke up one day, and I realized I had given everything I had away. I was left with nothing for myself…I was a shell of my once vibrant self.

A few things I’ve learned:

1. I have to put time and effort into caring for myself first

2. I can’t love others FOR them. It will never fulfill them, if they don’t love themselves. I’ve tested this one thoroughly…

3. It is up to us as individuals to carry our own load and love ourselves.

4. Once we can love ourselves, then we can feel love from others. READ THAT AGAIN. We cannot truly trust and feel love from others until we trust and love ourselves.

5. We cannot live into our whole selves and go after our dream life if we don’t first build a solid relationship with ourselves.

I want this for you. Do you? Join me in ringing in 2021 with a 6 week online course all about self love. I will teach you how to develop an honest and loving relationship with yourself so you can #shinebright and live the life you so desperately want but have convinced yourself is only for other people.

It’s for you. And you. And all of us. #selflovefirst

Email me at: