Freedom from Forgiveness

Everyday is a great day to forgive yourself. Monday’s, however, seem to be a natural day to start anew.

So, whatever you’ve been struggling with, is it possible to forgive yourself?

How might your life be different?

For most of my life, I carried around all of my mistakes. I collected them and carried them around like a sick and twisted museum. All of my mistakes were on display and seriously keeping me down…

Until one day I realized I don’t have to carry around this collection. I could choose to forgive myself.

It felt RADICAL. It felt like the forgiveness police were going to come and tell me forgiving myself wasn’t allowed.

Guess what?!?! They never came. You know what came? F R E E D O M.

Friends, you get to forgive yourselves. You get to be free from your collection of shame.

Come and be radical and free with me

Forgive Yourself

Sassy Life Coach, Sarah Larkin!

Life Coach Sarah Larkin

I got my headshots back from my awesome photographer at KLJ Studios, and I had to share one of my favorites with you immediately. Ok…it might not be a traditional headshot, but I’m not always very traditional. 🤣 I think you will figure that out when you get to know me.

I’m really serious about Life Coaching and having a growth mindset, but I want to have fun too FFS!

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