Flexibility is a Beautiful Thing

We have to be willing to go after what’s best for our well-being and also practice being ok in the moment’s we don’t get it.

Back to Basics

I find the simple act of awareness and understanding the process of change is enough to remove some of the power fear of change has over us. So, by acknowledging that discomfort is the price of admission for growth, it no longer has such a strong hold on us and we are able to more freely go in the direction that is in the best interest of our highest selves.

Life is a Series of Messes and Clean-ups

Last night, I was looking around at the mountain of dishes from taco night, the legos all over the play room floor, the assortment of flashlights and lanterns covering the dining room table leftover from a recent storm, the full garbage cans, recycling bins, and compost bin, my dresser covered in random crap, the hugeContinue reading “Life is a Series of Messes and Clean-ups”

The Time Enigma and What to Do About it

It can feel like time is always against us, and we are always exhausted. What if time worked for us, and we were able to have enough time and energy to ENJOY our lives?